"a" series LINE


FRONT FRAMES: 3/4" x 1 1/2" Solid stock, dowel joint for maximum squareness and strength, machined to receive ends.
CABINET ENDS: 1/2 Hardwood veneered plywood. Finished exposed ends veneered in the wood species ordered. Machined to enter groove in front frame and to receive cabinet back, top, and bottom. All finished ends are flush with the front frame.
TOPS AND BOTTOMS: 1/2" Hardwood Veneered plywood, with 3/4" solid stock support blocks attached to the tops and bottoms (adds to the rigidity of construction and insures the squareness of each unit ).
BACKS: 1/4" Hardwood veneered plywood.
DOORS: 4/4 or 5/4 solid wood, Lumber core, and laminate, depending upon the style selected.
SHELVES: 3/4" Hardwood veneered plywood, Peg holes in all cabinets.
DRAWER SIDES: 5/8" Solid dovetail drawer boxes.
DRAWER SLIDES: 3/4 ext Blum Tandem undermount drawer guides.
HARDWARE: A fine selection of door and drawer hardware is available in your choice of patterns and finishes.
FINISH: Cabinets as finished in an assortment of beautiful natural wood finishes. Hand applied wiped penetrating stains are first applied, followed by a catalyzed sealer. When dry, the sealer is hand sanded to a satin smoothness and finished with a conversion varnish.
INTERIORS: Baltic Birch.